Wizard Of Wasd

A submission for the 2020 BASIC Ten Liner competition (EXTREM-256 category)

By Randy Gill (randygill at yahoo dot com)


Click on the image of an item or obstacle below for a hint on where to use it or how to defeat it.
Falcon Blocked Tunnel Cage Balkor the Blue
Cobweb Clay Urn Cross Eternal Fire
Hammer Snake Tree Branch Undead Guardian

World Map

Map of the Wizard of Wasd Game World

Complete Walkthrough

The following details a complete solution to the game that the author believes is the shortest possible solution:
  1. Head northeast, towards the maze entrance near the blue portal ring
  2. Enter the maze
  3. Navigate the maze to locate and take the blue spade
  4. Proceed to the exit in the southeast corner of the maze
  5. Go southwest and collect the branch
  6. Re-enter the maze, and exit through the northwest entrance
  7. Enter the blue portal ring that is to the northwest; it will take you to the southern part of the island
  8. Proceed northwest to the entrance into the mountain range, and enter the portal chambers
  9. Enter the white portal ring
  10. Use the branch on the fire to create a torch
  11. Collect the torch
  12. Collect the crucifix
  13. Enter the blue portal ring
  14. Enter the green portal ring
  15. Collect the bird cage
  16. Enter the orange portal ring
  17. Take the stairs to exit the portal chambers
  18. Head southeast towards the tunnel entrance that is blocked by rubble
  19. Clear the rubble using spade
  20. Pass through the tunnel to the other side, and board the ship; it will take you to the small island
  21. Find the falcon at the north side of the island and use the bird cage to capture it
  22. Re-board the ship; it will take you back to the main island
  23. Proceed back through the tunnel to the west
  24. Re-enter the blue teleport ring just to the northwest
  25. Re-enter the maze that's just to the southeast
  26. Proceed through the maze to find the web (in the northeast area of the maze)
  27. Use the torch to burn away the web
  28. Collect the hammer
  29. Exit the maze via the northwest exit
  30. Go to the west side of the island (skirting around the mountains)
  31. Enter the snake pit
  32. Use the caged falcon to chase away the snake
  33. Use the hammer to break the urn, revealing the Dagger of Venn
  34. Collect the dagger
  35. Exit the snake pit
  36. Go back to the east side of the island and go into the blue portal ring
  37. Head southeast towards the tunnel entrance where you cleared the rubble earlier
  38. Pass through the tunnel and take the ship back to the small island
  39. Enter the tower to the west
  40. Take the stairs up to the second story
  41. Use the crucifix to destroy the undead guardian
  42. Take upstairs to to level 3
  43. Use the Dagger of Venn to dispatch the Blue Wizard
  44. Celebrate your victory over the forces of evil!