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What's This?

This site is the anagramatically-named development playground of Randy Gill.

About Me

I am a software developer-turned-architect originally from San Diego and now living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I work for a major electronic components distributor, where I am involved with analysis and design of enhancements and integrations pertaining to our core ERP system.

I have extensive experience in Linux, UNIX (AIX, DG/UX), Python, Java, HTML, SQL, shell scripting, and MultiValue DBMS.

In my (sadly) limited spare time, I enjoy listening to and playing music, recreational coding, watching baseball, writing short science fiction stories, retro-computing, amateur astronomy, gaming (board and video), and spending time with my wife and our cats.


Contact Information

I can be reached via my yahoo.com email account. My username there is simply "randygill".